Money Saving Tips for Home and Auto

Are you paying too much for home and auto insurance? Can you save money on your insurance?

Saving money on your home or auto insurance might be easier than you think. We all get into a rut thinking that we have to pay high prices for insurance but perhaps you are paying too much!! Take the time to review your policies and see exactly what they are charging you for.

I recently took a second look at our home and auto insurance and with a little extra time and calling other insurance agencies I was able to save almost $2,000 a year and kept or improved our coverage. Yes, I was shocked too when I realized that we were paying over $3,000 a year in insurance. The insurance company we were with had been going up each year and we just played dead and paid it!! They hope for that….so don’t let them take money from your pocket. One of the ways my husband and I was able to save money was the fact we are both over 50 and I were able to get a discount for our age. Check the AARP Association if you quality for this deduction.

Also, remember you can reduce your insurance costs by raising your deductibles. So spend some time reviewing your home and auto insurance policies. You might also want to update or review your credit report as insurance companies are also checking your credit score to see if you are a good risk. If you have a low credit score your insurance could be higher. It might pay to check your credit report first so you have an idea of what the insurance agency is looking at. You can receive a free credit report every 12 months.
Go to this site for more information: Federal Trade Commission

Now, when you start calling around looking for insurance, don’t take the first one that looks better try at least three. Be sure to mention to them any discounts you might have and tell them you are shopping and looking for the best deal. If they want your business, then they will be willing to spend time with you. Sometimes it is better to talk to a live person if possible. Computers are only as good as the information you put in so the computer won’t always give the best price. Some discounts to mention are:


  • Over 50 years old
  • No accidents in last 5 years
  • Any Defensive Driving Classes taken
  • NO Teenage drivers
  • Vehicles not driven long distances
  • Auto theft devices installed


  • Over 50 years old
  • Live close to fire station
  • Anti-theft alarms or extra security installed
  • Fire-sprinklers installed

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