Welcome to the Wrinkled Dollar – Money Saving Tips for a Hard Economy

Would you like to save more money in this hard economy?
Are you worried about not having enough money from month to month? Would you like to have more Wrinkled Dollars in your pocket? Each of us would like to save more money but what we don’t think about is we can by doing little things that add up. We all like to see large amounts of money being saved but in this economy it’s just not possible.

With this web page I hope to post easy ways and tips from people just like you on saving money. In this economy we are all trying to hold on to that dollar. The longer our dollars stays in our pocket then the more Wrinkled they get. That is what we hope for, we want to keep our money in our pocket and give it a chance to get Wrinkled. With your help I hope to be able to help people hang on to their money longer. With this economy we all need to look for ways to save our money.

So if you have tips that will save money – Share it with us.

Add your comments to my Blog Page and I will post your money saving tips to this site. Let’s try to help each other get through this economy and come out on the other side with a Wrinkled Dollar in our pocket.

Please check back often as I will be updating this web page as information comes in.

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